It started in the Art Block

I was relieved to be wearing dark blue/black trousers. There was absolutely no privacy. The ST’s were huge and so obvious. I had little notion of the significance, just that I longed to be able to conceal the evidence. These paintings keep astonishing me. No, they are not nice in the usual way but I get the sense that they are holding up a truth from the way they touch me so deeply when I step back and see them as though for the first time. In this they are so beautiful, powerful and empowering. 

I feel like thanking the little girl for communicating so clearly. 


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5 Responses to It started in the Art Block

  1. Christina Heydel says:

    Dear Jenny, we don’t know each other, I heard you play at SCIAMI long time ago and followed your blog, passively so to say.
    Now these paintings are so intense and remind me of the drawings of Charlotte Salomon I couldn’t stop to look at about 30 years ago.
    I would like to thank you for the work you do on yourself, because it is as if you would do it for me too.
    Do you mind to let know about their format?
    with very kind regards, Christina

    • jennyquick says:

      Hello Christina. I hope this reply will reach you.
      I am so touched that you have written to me and that you find these paintings reach you. It is my hope that by sharing them, people like yourself will not feel isolated….or can find some comfort in them.
      I am not sure quite what you mean about format? Please can you explain a little more?
      With warmest wishes, Jenny

      • Christina Heydel says:

        thanks for your reply, Jenny, I was rather sure about the intuitive way of your painting, just wondered about the measures. I saw some of your drawings and they were small sketches, these paintings should be larger, but I would be surprised to hear, that they are like 110x80cm or even bigger, because the physical impact would be rather different then.
        I mean, to “give birth” to those images rising from deep inside on a bigger scale would become even harder work and the intimacy of the subject would probably not need more space than 40x30cm I guess.

      • jennyquick says:

        Hi Christina.
        Now I understand. You are absolutely right. The paintings are all on canvas of 40×50 cm
        I took a look at some of the paintings you mentioned. I like them very much. I also love Chagall.
        Warmest greetings

  2. Wendy H says:

    Dear Jenny
    How exciting and how deep
    I am amazed over and over
    that little girl has been waiting in the wings for a LONG time
    Now we can open our hearts and arms to her
    We can see her and sense it ALL
    It brings back SO MANY memories of my own muddled progress in all that
    growth and confusion and pain and vitality
    At least it was better for our own daughters??
    I sincerely hope so
    Lots of love

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