What format?

I am not clever with my understanding of messaging, so I am posting a quick reply to a recent question. I have been using oil and knife…. also finger and rag and occasionally a brush or cotton wool bud. 

I am  ‘called’ by colour as I dig around in my memory and revisit the emotion that follows. 

I then push the colour around until images start to suggest themselves to me and then I follow them in… bringing out details here and there.

In this way there is often no plan or design, the paintings emerge and take me by surprise. When it brings tears, I know that my intuition has touched the right spot and told me something true. 

It continues to be a revelation. 

I hope this answers your question. 

Thank you to everyone who has commented. There are a few more to come, while the energy lasts! 

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3 Responses to What format?

  1. Wendy H says:

    No questions from me Jenny dear
    Love Wendyxx

    • jennyquick says:

      Ah you can help me Wendy….I never know if I reply in this box, whether it then becomes visible in your box!! Somebody has asked me about the format of the pictures, so to be sure, I wrote a post in the blog as well as on their reply box. Can’t get the hang of this stuff! Lots of love

      • Wendy H says:

        Just found this Jenny
        So yes it does go through
        But I don’t get any kind of alert on my computer like I do when you send a blog out
        So I would have to check this item again after I have replied to you or read the blog, to find it!
        when I have read your blog – which comes under my social tab and not straight in to my general inbox – I file it out of the tab into my B by B file
        Hope this helps
        Took me ages to think it out
        Brain fazed this week
        Been in too many places myself!

        Lots of love

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