Form IIA

Chapel followed breakfast, after which we filed back through drafty cloisters to the classrooms. Bells sounded the first lesson and all the following periods of the day. I think history was one of the first lessons of the day.

I would keep my desk lid up for as long as possible in a bid for more time and to try to hide the fact that I cried and sucked my thumb. One morning I came back to find the lid had been stuck down with chewing gum. 

It now seems reasonable that I was poor at history. 


Thank you so much for telling me about Charlotte Salomon, Christina…. it has freed me up to give more of a “fairy tale” narrative as well as reminding me how much I love Chagal. (In case my reply to your message is obscured, these canvases are all 40 x 50 cm)

I will never forget my aunty Peggy showing me, aged about 5, how to draw feet when you are flying. I tried to launch myself into flight from several stairs up, but was terribly disappointed when I discovered that pictures and reality did not tie up very well. 

These sweet little flying day-dreamers remind me of that longing to fly. 

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