Misheard but so….

I was just having tomatoes on toast with my friend Wendy and boasting about getting someone to pressure wash my paths. Wendy Chinese whispered it into a stunning first line and look what happened….a poem to complement the boarding school paintings of late. 

Credits to Wendy Newman for imaginative misconstruction and thanks for the toast!

There must be a song here?

Thanks to all of you who have been leaving such warm, supportive messages. You are the ” hands at my back”. 
“If I could pressure wash my past

What would it be

Which part would take the blast

Would it be me

If I could pressure wash the past

Prise off the surface dirt of years

But would it hurt

And what would it bare beneath the layers

and layers of compressed pain and hurt

The raw edge of things unsaid untold

The weeping of uprooted souls

The trampled bloom of innocence

Yes scrape away the past but do not leave me bare

to face myself without your hand 

with nothing at my back

to hold me safe

to bring me home

to wash it clean

to catch my tears 

to meet my fears

and let them go their way

No pressure in the past

Just wash it all away” 


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One Response to Misheard but so….

  1. Wendy H says:

    How very funny and so profound
    This must go with some of the paintings?
    It has inspired me and brightened up my day
    thank you Jenny and Beethoven
    And Wendy for her sense of fun too
    Musical threads still going on and on
    a song no doubt
    I can imagine it very easily
    But don’t have the musical “where with all”
    Wendy Ho

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