A fine line….

With a pencil I placed her specs back on her nose.

Just a tiny mark changed everything

Myopic and vulnerable without them 

I could mourn with her

Take her in my arms, protect and console

But as soon as they went on 

She became professorial before her time

and I felt an aversion

could see why she was shunned

and guilt on the heels of anger

swiftly sidelined compassion

How could I hate those rims and pebble lenses?

 Shaped her from entirely innocent to prissy know-it-all?

Such confusion.

I must have hated her for drawing to her the outpouring of viciousness that spewed from all the other angry little girls. 

Little girls who in that old school photo looked just as dismayed by their abandonment. 

It breaks my heart. 

The forget-me-not blue on an old sash windows reminds me of love. 

It was such a long time ago. 

By contrast my grandson (just months younger now than I was then) is a picture of vibrant joy. 

This has to be progress. 

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One Response to A fine line….

  1. Wendy H says:

    How extremely interesting
    Your poem – your comments
    I can see what you say and see
    But then I am not one of those little girls who was at boarding school
    But oh so nearly
    Fate had other plans for me
    and I still want to take her home and read her stories
    Lots of love

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