Kind People

The kind of people I could talk to…. who were normal and friendly. As well as my piano practice, they brought sunshine into my life.   
Paint-pot-Pete used to make me laugh and  Ron with his slow ways asked questions and made me feel calm. He knew all the plants.

Bessy and Arthur sometimes invited me for tea in their flat behind the library and big tall “Ma Marriott”, although she seemed a bit scary boomed “hello little Jenny” sometimes…. it made me feel safe somehow. 

In the kitchens, Mr and Mrs G made a funny, kind hearted couple. Mr G was in charge of the enormous stinking dish washer while his wife served food from behind the hatch. She also stood by the door to clang the enormous ship’s bell at mealtimes. 

Because my mother had been so ill, and my father worked long office hours in the family law firm,we had had a lot of help from people at home…a gardener, a home help, a decorator. They became part of my extended family and I loved them. 

The sense of genuine warmth and care that came towards me from the domestic and maintenance staff were precious points of refuge and nurture. They made all the difference to me. 

I wish I could thank them.

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