A short self portrait

I have been immersed in “The Spiral of Possibility this weekend….a wonderful, transformative course run by Interbe …. And from one of the many explorations, a self portrait has popped out.

Sir Galahad, Little Miss Roberts and “The Electric” eye each other up in the bike shed

Noble steeds three

Beethoven’s soft gaze caresses me from the fridge door

(next to nothing edible within)

a solitary orange whistle on my huge worktop is at the ready for when I feel lost in the kitchen

The table is mostly a riot of paint tubes, oil and rag

Scenes of dawn in far off places or from a brave childhood cover my walls

which wrap tight around my lioness-beast Steinway

Floor to ceiling, fifty nine years of collected life in music on shelves

Bagpipes strewn across a saddle 

and upstairs a little skeleton bares her red felt heart…and pours over books on anatomy and marvellous muscles .

Photos of family here and there
For twenty five years my beautiful house has evolved while I pounded the keys and wrought

 the vast spectrum of humanity from those notes.

These days colour on canvas digs deep into life.

Up with the bones, my hands return healing and poise.

Oh and in the hall rack, tango shoes wrestle with walking boots and waterproofs.


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One Response to A short self portrait

  1. Wendy H says:

    What a portrait in words
    Knowing your house I can see it all Jenny
    WHAT person- with so many angles and crannies and bursting puffs of vibrant colours
    All washed in music
    Music music
    The course has uncovered even more facets winking and blinking as they come to light – AGAIN – for they have all been in there
    Lots of love Jenny
    Wendyxxxxx – extra hugs ooo

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