Tuscany and Tango

Straight off the plane and into a friendly tango bar where I was invited to dance by forgiving gentlemen….Yesterday a little sight-seeing and today some restful lolling around…. As rusty with the traveling paint box as I am fastening my shoes, but the sun is shining and it’s time for a siesta (The buffalo mozzarella is to die for) 


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One Response to Tuscany and Tango

  1. Susan duncan says:

    Always following you, just been fasting for 3 days, so mozzarella not on my menu for the moment. I loved the series of painting on boarding schools brought up lots of emotions for me too, thank you for sharing Jenny. Franco’s mum died on Easter Day, looking back I have been extremely tired without noticing, but kind of relieved as well X, sending hugs and hot water haha not as exciting as mozzarella xxxxxxxxx bye for now love Susan

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