Travel Razzle?

Of late,
when somebody asks me who is my favourite composer I have found myself saying ” the one I am playing at the moment” …..I would not want to exclude the other favourites, would I?
Seems to me that the best places are the ones I’m in …. when I’m hankering for something else, it helps to remind me not to be grabbing for the past or accelerating towards the future.

A fortnight in Tuscany is a good example of this. 
“This is the place for me. I must come back. I want to stay here forever. Oh but I love Greece/Poland/Sicily etc. etc.

If I just decide “this is it” and add in “for now” I can relax and get on with painting or blogging or trundle off when curiosity beckons.
For now I will just share some paintings maybe…one that fills me with the romance and Buddha-beauty of the olive tree. …with the magic of Tango (guess what those olive trees really get up to in the moonlight)…a glimpse of years of intimacy. Moments that capture my heart and make me so grateful for the opportunity to take time. 

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One Response to Travel Razzle?

  1. Jenny,
    I love your stories and your paintings,
    and I love the painter of your paintings and the teller of your stories…
    Eli 😊

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