Organist, Jennifer Bare, on radio 4 this morning described how when she played for Messiaen somehow it altered her way of playing in his presence…. She felt that by some form of telepathy he was able to guide her to what he wanted his compositions to say. At their first meeting, she had not listened to any of his recordings; he laughed out loud because “you play them exactly as I do… Only Olivier Messiaen can do this”

So, Beethoven, send me the vibes! 

Today I’m all ears. 

Your devoted servant

Mrs. Q 

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3 Responses to Transmission

  1. Beverley Powell says:

    Keep your eye out for the colours x

  2. Wendy H says:

    He will not let you down Jenny
    Tune in before you begin
    forget your fear for a moment – it is your fear and nothing to do with this particular performance – IS IT?
    Connect up to Mr B with a golden thread from your heart to his
    Love Wendyxx

  3. Anne Chamberlain says:

    Don’t know if this will reach you through the blog, but best of wishes, Jenny. I would love to be there.


    Sent from my iPad

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