After Beethoven?

Waking early to hear the referendum results…. cannot help feeling we could be at the thin end of a nasty wedge of divisive political posturing…. And the knock on effects of media hype… at the very least, let alone the long term effects. Oh dear. 

On the other hand the dawn, the sky, trees and blackbirds are all carrying on unconditionally

The music on Radio 3 is no less beautiful and Beethoven is timeless. 

Amazing that my increasingly arthritic thumbs held out ….. It was so exhilarating to manage some of the presto scale passages and big chord gestures of the outer movements, as well as the exquisite, lingering beauty of the slow movement. 

Thank you to everyone who came along to listen last night…. The final run through was wonderful and Peter and Helen took some cracking photos… 

Thanks also to conductor Richard Gonski for the opportunity. 

What a special evening. 


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One Response to After Beethoven?

  1. Jocylyn says:

    Love it. Thanks for the view of something fine and rare. From whitehorse yukon. Canada

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