Schumann wrecked his hands…

I played a little of my favourite Schumann today. Well, I couldn’t really play it, but there were glimpses of its beauty coming through. 

Even playing quietly is very painful if there is just a hint of a stretch. 

His turbulent mental health and anguish gives his music an exquisite poignancy and bathed in the wonderful rich sound of my Steinway, I fell for it this afternoon. 

Just for a few hours I felt so bereft…. I love playing. It has been so vital and nurturing…. my solace and my refuge for so many years.

I find it unimaginably hard to envisage life without being able to rely on it.

What a luxury to be surrounded by beauty of all kinds and how precious that is. 

I hope this is teaching me never to take things for granted. Perhaps in time my thumbs will settle down. 

On a positive note, my beautiful Dulcie has almost made up her mind.  My priority is probably the bow that is easiest to hold. Good job it’s the one we both like the best. 

I shall have to go and stroke her with it before she settles down for the night.  


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3 Responses to Schumann wrecked his hands…

  1. Anne Chamberlain says:

    Der Jenny,

    I’m so sorry to hear that the thumbs don’t enjoy playing stretches. Are you going to have to adapt to playing with just 4 fingers on each hand? There would be a huge challenge!

    I have a small suggestion which might not be any help at all. Have you tried Blue Emu Oil? When my hips were hurting so much I could not sleep, the physician’s assistant recommended the Blue Emu Oil. She said that she had arthritis, and it really helped her immensely. Well, I could not tell that it made any difference with my hips (not arthritis..enthesopathy, a new word for me as well as for my osteoporosis Doctor!). However I have a neighbor at the lake who has had a bad shoulder and elbow that he has complained about for several weeks, so I took him some of the Blue Emu Oil last weekend, and after just one night he said his elbow was really better. It might be worth a shot.

    We are having lovely weather here…79F. I think that’s about 25C? Sunny, dry, breezy, fresh air. I really do love living in Spokane! We have been spending weekends at the lake, but right now seem to have more projects in town than up there, so we’ve been coming in for the week. However, this week is perfect lake weather, so I hope we get up there soon.

    Loved your rose photo! The deer seem to have ignored my roses in front this summer, so I might try putting in a few more special ones. I’ll keep the one you have in mind. I sprinkled a deer repellant around them that is supposed to make them distasteful to the deer, so perhaps that is what is saving them this year.

    Love, Anne

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  2. Wendy H says:

    How lovely to have this journey Jenny
    thumbs up to you – ha ha
    And maybe just letting them rest and not be under pressure will help things too
    Time will tell
    Meanwhile Dulcie and her lover will keep you buoyed up – maybe?

  3. lao55 says:

    Hi Jenny – have just been telling a friend about you and then I read this. I haven’t been keeping up enough! Sorry to hear about the thumbs but glad to hear about Dulcie. x

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