Busy B

For several months I have been riding a wave of artistic activity.
“Burning the candle”

 Earlier in the year I painted a lot. 

The result is a set of oil paintings which revisit some of the most memorable of scenes from my Beethoven by Bike travels… with more than just a nod to Beethoven. 

There are moments in the last 3 sonatas, especially the very last, (opus 111 ) when the radiance and relief of dawn whispers into being. 

It is this sublime essence of nature and her cycle of the day that I have attempted to portray. 

To accompany these there are sweet memories that for me encapsulate the personality of the countries I passed through. 

Embroidery designs. 

A fresco. (Greece, where else?!)

The view from a friend’s farmhouse. 

As usual, inspiration crashes in rather late in the day. (I’m adept at creating a raft of jobs at the 11th hour!)

So in addition, around each of the “grown up” oils, there will be an orbit of little prints of water colours that I painted while I travelled. 

This gives a context of time and place…. Little gems of character. 

As I reached places of especial significance, phrases from the sonatas would flood my being. An intense wash of gratitude. Fulfillment. A split second of peace. 
The northern-most tip of Denmark. 

Crossing the Danube in December. 

The southern-most tip of Greece. 

So beside each of the “dawn ” paintings, will sit an extract of a score that I played from as I found pianos. 

This to epitomise and distil the sense of the painting, the music, the experience of life in those wonderful moments. 

The swell of appreciation is something that I hope will infuse the Tangerine Tree CafĂ© in Totnes for the month of October. 
Do come along if you are in the area. 
You could even order some gorgeous Christmas cards!

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One Response to Busy B

  1. Wendy H says:

    Dear Jenny
    rushing as usual but HAD to read this first
    It filled me with such wonderful feelings of gratitude for my life – and yours – Thank you for being there and sharing this with us
    It is wonderful how your creativity just pours out of you
    Nourishing all who encounter you

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