Tangerine Tree exhibition. Little water colours to Browse. 

Camping in a Danish Garden. 

Blüthner in Bjårka Såby

Icon in Bjårka Säby 

Swedish Colour Palette. 

Hostel Szarotka, Malbork, Poland

Rural Poland. Nearing Wotsławek 

Auschwitz: spectacle case

Lenka’s beautiful, sturdy 83 year old grandmother

The water colour version… Slovakian sleeve design. 

Traditional dung and straw stove in Pesci Anna family home

Carpet bag in Budapest ethnographical museum. 

Ragi’s valley. Sicily

Variation I. I loved this view

Variation II

“La Pompa” (Ragi’s kitchen sink)

Talk for the Catania cycling club

Patron, Greek restaurant

“Ecclesia” Exochori, Greece

Painful feet, Proastio. Greece. 

Kardamili. Home of Patrick Leigh-Fermor

Glum Icon in an egg cup. Areopolis. 

(On the west side the icons looked stern. On the east side of the Mani, they were much more smiley)

Things to do in a Mani stone tower house. 

“The flush of beauty round the world forces my soul to seek her depths….”

“Soul verse ” from the calendar of the soul. 

It turned into a magical journey. 

These can be printed and made up into post cards/greeting cards/posters. 

If you’d like to place an order, please email me on jennyquicktm@gmail.com

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One Response to Tangerine Tree exhibition. Little water colours to Browse. 

  1. Wonderful paintings Jenny!
    Enjoyed admitting then,
    Best regards,

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