Tangerine Tree:        Oil Paintings to Browse

Slovakian sleeve embroidery design. 

Polish embroidery design.

“How lovely was my valley” Sicily

Bluebell Moor… (below hound tor)

Study in Rose 

“Little Greeks” from a fresco in Sotira monastery, Kotrona.

Ludwig, my friend and muse.

Michaelmas Daisies



Swedish Autumn …Dawn

“Little Jenny at boarding school”

(This points towards another exhibition in February 2018, entitled boarding school survivors)

I can now order prints of any of these paintings.

Post cards, poster size. Greetings cards. Maybe even a lovely calendar?

email me on jennyquicktm@gmail.com and let me know what you’d like.

Tell me in good time and I will do my best to get them to you before Christmas!

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2 Responses to Tangerine Tree:        Oil Paintings to Browse

  1. Wendy Holdstock says:

    Dear dear Jenny
    You light up my life

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