Dear Beethoven by Bike friends. It is nearly 6 years since I set out with Sir Galahad. 

The journey had many chapters and my life was truly enriched by the countries, landscapes and people I encountered. 

The journey has continued, of course and in different forms. 

Recently I have decided to place my “journeying” under one umbrella, which will be called “Journey as Art”

Beethoven by Bike seekers and followers, you will be directed automatically to this page, which has a more up to date look and will be a bit more versatile. 

So don’t  be put off if at first you do not see quite what you expected to see….. all is well, and I hope you will like the new look. 

There may be one or two teething issues while people far cleverer than myself beaver away behind the scenes to make it all come together. Please be patient. 

It’ll mean that there will be more space to organise and display my art work and I will easily be able to flag up events etc. 

Looking forward to the next steps. 

Greetings and gratitude


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