Hanging out with our Hands 

Please forgive my absence from these pages for so long.

I have been immersed in my Alexander Technique studies. 

After a truly inspiring fortnight in Germany with my new friends and colleagues in the German Alliance, I am looking forward to sharing the wealth of variety that I have been absorbing. 

Hanging out with our Hands” will be a lovely playful and profound way to explore many aspects of our hands and how they serve us. 

Do join me, share this with anyone who may be interested or invite me to your area!

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2 Responses to Hanging out with our Hands 

  1. Erica says:

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    it is very interesting. This is actually the first time Ive in fact posted
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  2. Wendy says:

    Dear Jenny
    Just on computer in library and caught up with this
    Sorry if I didn’t mention it before
    Derek has promoted it too
    Hope it all goes well
    Hope to see you at painting
    Mycomputer died recently
    Long story

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