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Bluebell woods with Ollie

Jenny Quick (April 2011)

It is february 2015 and the inner journey is now unravelling as I attempt to write a book about my year away.
Distractions abound, but I am promising myself that I will have a first draft by my birthday in August. I am currently writing my way towards Sicily from the cold, grey days in Hungary. Home and Steiner family hearths here are what kept me warm and cosy.
I hope you will enjoy reading some of the stories.
Below is a summary of how it all started.. it is probably out of date now.

I am a mother, nanny and piano teacher and in my 58th year, I am now in practise as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

I have always been in love with playing the piano, as well as loving to paint and enjoying the pleasure of riding my bike. The fresh air and freedom of movement as I pedal along is a great harmony and the way that light falls on landscape, a constant source of inspiration.

This blog is about the adventure of combining these gifts and the wonderful people I met as I made my way across and down through Europe.
It has also been about a voyage of discovery into other lifestyle options and taking time out to pause and take stock.

For my 50th year I celebrated the music in my life with a kind of pilgrimage to Beethoven; studying and then playing his last 3 tremendous piano sonatas.          
I aimed to keep playing them as the inner journey meshed with the outer journey and to play when pianos show up! (as they quite often did,  in the most unlikely places)

I would also hope to keep the art of handwriting and illustration alive with post cards and letters, which I hope may form the basis of a journal that I can compile when I start to write a book

Perhaps there will be a book to write…… who knows?!

April 2012
It is now 9 months and 35 or more pianos and Beethoven performances later!
Nearly 5000kilometers and the countries that I have passed through are Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia,Hungary and, out on a bit of a limb, Sicily! I am now riding through the southern Peloponnes and the pianos keep showing up. I hope you will enjoy reading about it in the posts. Many thanks for looking in, Jenny


18 Responses to About

  1. Kate Warren says:

    hi jenny … i am an old Q and so discovered about your blog via the old Q email … i wanted to say that i think what you’re doing is absolutely brilliant … adventurous, creative and deep … i wish you all the very best on your journey, kate ; )

  2. so good to meet you today,i just know with the spirit in you and those around you that you will have a wonderful time.

  3. ann barclay says:

    Jenny – what a happy coincidence to meet you at the Church House Inn tonight prior to what I know is going to be a wonderful evening on Monday! I wish for you a brilliant trip and will “tune in” to your blog to follow your progress. Love Ann x

  4. hilarybravo says:

    So lovely to bump into you yesterday in Ashburton Jenny and see you glowing with excitement as D-Day approaches! New horizons everyday, adventures around every corner and all those, as yet, unmet friends to meet. Bon Voyage xxx

  5. Janet says:

    Hello Jenny am loving your BLOG so beautifully written and your watercolours are so sweet,a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the Snoxalls ! Fred has just got a job at HOT PURSUIT and continues with his bikemad dreams ! but then they do come true dont they !! lots of love Janet x

    • jennyquick says:

      What a lovely surprise to hear from you! I love getting messages, as I never know from the numbers, who will write next! Yes, do tell Fred to keep plotting! And…. that I adjusted my brakes like a pro the other day!! Bike is superb. Legs are knackered and brain in smitherenes… otherwise, alle bra.. (all is good!) Love Jenny 🙂

  6. wesoleks says:

    Hey Jenny, some time ago we realized that ,however, getting text messages from you our replies are somehow mysteriously blocked and are coming back to us with the report that they haven’t been delivered. We’re so sorry not to keep in touch with you for such a long time. Many thanks for your picturesque postcard from Devon (and one more time for Bach music sheets). Wherever you are we keep our finger cross, hoping that you will swiftly and with no problem carry on your fantastic journey meeting only hospitable people. Love and take care the Wesolek family

  7. Karoly says:

    I was happy, that you choose our diary for the ride! Thank you!

  8. Hi Jenny!
    I just received information about you from Jose Kerkhoff whom you met today in kardamily?
    If you are still in the area, please contact me, if you like too. We could make or organize some music together?
    all the best
    Burgi Bläuel

  9. Jose kerkhofs says:

    Hi Jenny,how special to meet you yesterday.I send an email to my friend Burgi and she send me an answer allready that she is very excited to meet you.
    Her retreathouse is called sonnenlinck, and it is completely feng sui.maybe you can google it.
    Do not know how longbyou will stay in greece but maybe, after my guests are gone i can come and visit you somewhere. Warmest greetings Jose.

  10. Lesley O says:

    Hi Jenny Lovely to meet you the other day in Areopolis and I hope you are dealing well with all those lovely hills in Mani!! Love your blog and shall keep looking in!! Lesley

  11. Tim Coombs says:

    Jenny I have been following your blog with utter delight and envy and am so happy that you are staying away so long and having such wonderful adventures. What you paint and write about are food for the soul.
    I am listening to Misuko Uchida playing Schubert at this moment, thinking of you and wishing you well. I keep remembering your farewell concert and have been wanting to say thankyou for telling us your life’s story. I understood why your playing comes form such a deep place and why it comes from the heart and goes to the heart so intensley.
    Love to you and gratitude for your heartfelt musicmaking

  12. David Dann says:

    Hii Jenny,
    So great to meet you tonight at the pub and to hear just snippits of your adventures. aim to be there tomorrow with our crowd and do hope you will be there . i’d love to hear more of your adventures and having read your blog this evening albeit fleetingly ,am intrgued by by your resolve and background.
    Will continue to follow your blog etc with much interest.

    David Dann {potter} X 25/09/12


  13. John says:

    Nice to read your inspirational journals Jenny. I have recently retired at 54 and have almost finished my trial run as a cycling tourer here in my home country, Australia. It is not the most cycle-friendly but the scenery and people are wonderfu and you get more of it at a slower pace. I will head off to NZ in our Summer before Europe for the first time, starting in your Spring next year and finishing before your Winter.

    I am so thankful to have such marvelous technology as the IPod which has my whole 180 CD collection for company. Only the other day I listened to Betthoven’s 7th while riding in pouring rain. What a sublime distraction. This is my first blog but it keeps my friends and family entertained and secure in the knowledge I am stil breathing oxygen. Auscycletrip.blogspot.com.au.
    Enjoy planning your next journey.
    Safe travels, John

  14. scott McDonald says:

    Hey hey! We recently received, dated April 2012 !! one of your cartoons with a letter on the back!
    So today, kinda late I confess, I am able to make contact and view much of your travels since we last met at that YH in Denmark in 2011….in fact, I remember it was your encouragement as we pedalled along that decided us to stay. What a good idea!
    You were just starting out then, and I see that you have accomplished a great deal, a long push over life’s hills! But, as they say somewhere, was it Tibet?, “If you’re lucky enough to be in the mountains, you’re lucky enough”…
    We too have been in the mountains… this year literally… LeJoG (2000+km, and and southern Utah)
    Hope to hear from you again, Jenny..
    Scott and Liz from Kangaroo Island.

  15. abigail robinson says:

    Hi Jenny, I met you in tangerine tree….we were talking about musical sacramental midwifery…
    I am touched by your passion and hope to meet you again, Abigail

  16. Tim Graham says:

    Hi Jenny

    It was lovely to bump into you in Totnes the other weekend, thank you ever so much for the coffee. Your story is very inspiring and I would love to visit you next time I’m down that way. Drop me a line on my email and let’s keep chatting!

    Tim x

  17. Lafitte says:

    Hi Jenny its Pauline Lafitte !
    What an amazing surprise to receive your post card more than 5 years after we met in Salisbury !! Your blog is really great & full of adventures you had. I hope you are doing well.
    I leave you my email address, I would be very happy to receive some news from you and I could tell you mine (pauline.lafitte@yahoo.com)
    I wish you a Happy New Year 2016, full of happiness and bike trips !!

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