First post

March 8th 2011

they look so enticing all laid out....plenty more in the cupboard!

I am a little bewildered by the endeavour of starting a blog this evening!

My bed-sit-come-shed arrives next monday, my bedroom is knee deep in bits of kit and the house is littered with things to sell, things to pack, things to do etc.

So I will have to have a few practice runs while I get used to using this site, no doubt and hope that it will all fall into place in the same magical way that everything else is doing.

In the meantime, here’s this week’s wonderful soul verse from “The Calendar of the Soul”

“Within the light that out of world-wide heights

Would stream with power toward the soul,

May certainty of cosmic thinking

Arise to solve the soul’s enigmas……..

And focusing its mighty rays,

Awaken love in human hearts”

Oh well, the typing improvements will have to wait!

Someone asked me recently where my strength came from. One of my most cherished resources will be this little book and of course, the friendships and community that has grown to be such an important part of my life here in Totnes.


5 Responses to First post

  1. Nell Watson says:

    Well done Jenny! Good luck! Totnes will miss you more than ever! Nell x

  2. george marshall says:

    beautiful site and very touching.i think many of us will make the journey with you in have inspired me to look at my life dreams too.George.

  3. wendy h says:

    Hi Jenny
    I posted a comment on another page so will not make another – wonder if I am doing the right thing here – never been on a blog before!
    Love Wendyx

  4. wendy h says:

    Hi there Jenny
    I’m delighted to read the latest post!
    Love Wendyx

  5. almut Woolard says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I hear you are in beautifull slovakia. Have a wounderfull time.
    Lots of love
    Almut W.

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