Favourite people and places

Gillian Greig Music  Gillian has been supplying me with music for nearly 20 years.. and a lovely friendship, too, thank you Gillian


I just happened to have my camera…

My favourite restaurant in Exeter.. Ask  These guys are always so pleased to see you… the food is great too!

Dave Yates Is the artist who is responsible for building my beautiful bike

Graham and Sheryl at Ashwood Timber looked at my plans and didn’t turn a hair.. here is my beautiful hut as it arrives. (The Japanese for this is ‘mansion’) (seriously!)


My local Barclays Totnes branch…. and all the lovely staff for unpicking my muddles! (Cheers, Jan)


5 Responses to Favourite people and places

  1. wendy h says:

    Hi there Jenny
    so inspired by our ride this morning I just wanted to take a peek at your website and blog – lovely – I love the illustrations – you are a genius – now you are sprinting to freedom anything is possible – oops – cycling! to freedom. Your adventure and the stages left before you go for the ferry will carry me through the next term at school. I’ll be there at the concert
    Love Wendyx

    • John Railton says:

      Hi Jenny, Very interested to read your stuff. Best wishes If this gets to you I will make a better effort Love John

      • jennyquick says:

        Hello John…. yes, it worked, and here I am in Hjoring, reading it and catching up… internet a bit sparse, so it all takes good old fashioned time!
        I am having a wonderful time so far, with weather challenges balanced by great kindnesses. Do keep in touch and I will keep going as much as I am able with the blog news.
        Love John (so far its an average of 0.5 pianos a day!!! ie, I have played 7 different pianos in 14 days…. Love Jenny

  2. Angela Wesołek says:

    Dear Jenny,
    It’s a shame, really, that I,m that bad at keeping in touch. At last the school winter holiday has come and I can think about all the beloved people that I’ve been neglecting for some time. Sorry!
    Thank you so much for your lovely letter from Sicily. I do appreciate its traditional form and it’s such pleasure to open up the post box and…. find these beautiful ideas of yours about life. Your letter (the previous one as well) are my ‘daily bread’ – a little portion of reflection upon our existence.
    It’s also nice that you think such little things, like a scarf in my favourite colours. I can imagine, another one to my purple, violet and mauve collection. Wow!
    Jenny, great news! At last I put in practice my long dreamt-of resolution. I started singing lesson with a professional techer. Julia helps me a lot. I bring the notes form the class and together with her piano accompanying I’m trying to improve my poor vocal skills. She’s very critical and strict with me, but I’m not discouraged. Ithink Julia demands a great deal from herself as for music and she sets the same standards for me. yet, the teacher seems to appreciate my efforts!
    In Poland nowadays it’s unbelievably cold. It’s freezing minus 25 degrees at night and slightly warmer during the day. We’re planning to go skiing to Slovakia, but if it’s taht cold we won’t enjoy ourselves much outside.
    I wonder how you are doing in Sicily and what your day looks like. I suppose you make yourself useful for everyone around. Maybe piano or drawing lessons to some Sicilian kids? Come va il tuo Italiano? Parla bene?
    Jenny, keep in touch, please and remind us your email address. I’d rather write via email.
    All the best . Make the most of your stay in Sicily., enjoy food, climate, landscapes and particularly the people.
    Angela and Przemek with kids

  3. Hi Jenny! How inspiring is your blog, thanks for sharing all your wonderful adventures!! It all brings me good memories of you, I do admire your spirit, hope you can continue seeing the world from your bike and sharing some of your music for a long long time! It’s been a good while since I left Totnes but I still miss every little thing from there -and specially the bike and the feeling of cycling around Devon 😉 Thanks a lot dear Jenny! Love, Diana xxxxx

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