My Route

hi everyone,
My Route click on this to see where I have been.
I’m still tweaking the ‘route’ and see that there are so many place names now, that if you want to get any further than Hungary, you need to scroll down the left hand column where these are listed and then click on ‘next’ or ‘page 2’!
this will take you into the Sicily and Greek chapters, which get slower and slower in direct proportion to the heat and the gradients!
the yellow pointers were wish-list ideas… some of which I got to… its the dense array of blue that were my actual stopovers. I havent yet mastered joining them all up with lines, but as the general direction is south, you’ll get the gist!
many thanks for looking in. i should do another one of the details of my beautiful spot in the South Hams!
It is ages since I have entered any text here, but I hope that some of you will have been able to go to the map and see where I have been and, now, that I have reached pretty much the centre of Poland! I am staying with Angela and Przemek in their family home in Lodz for a few days. When facilities allow, I am placing a bike icon on the most current position and attempting to draw a line…. neither of these seem to work reliably, but the general gist gives an idea. Thank you for looking in. 🙂

The first Danish leg from Esbjerg to Aalborg is taking shape in the form of a little blue line with a bike at one end… all the other arrows and pointers are a kind of reference for later on. I am actually beginning to enjoy some of the online facilities!

And with some rather sweaty fumbling (27th july) I have managed to get a few more bits and pieces together… Now in Lidköping, on my way slowly to the Göta Kanal…

I confess that my limited computer skills have meant not knowing how to edit this page until now. Also, my iPad doesn't seem to link up to goog,e maps in the way that I had hoped!
From Linkoping I travelled to Adelsö and from there to Nynasham for a ferry to Gdansk in Poland. Through wonderful villages to Lødz, Czestochowa and then to Kraków and then leaving Poland through the lower end of the Tatras to enter Slovakia via Szchawnitza.
Passing through Vrbov, Habrusice, Dedinky, Banska Bystrica and Banska Stavnica I came into Hungary crossing the wonderful Danube into Ezstergom on my way to Budapest, staying in Piliscaba and nagyscvovaci on the way there.
Winter in Sicily in and around Noto, and then starting again on March the 18th 2012 in Patras. From here it has been Simopolou, Kourouta, Olympia, Andrestina, Figalia Kalamata and now, on April 1st, Kardamili in the Peloponnes, Greece.


8 Responses to My Route

  1. Lizzie says:

    Hi Jenny I justed wanted to add my bon adventure wishes to you my lovley! I Will be thinking of you as you explore the land and spread your light on your travels! Enjoy you brave heart!:-0

  2. Gitte Overgaard says:

    Dear Jenny:-) Thank you for your visit the of July at our house in Vester Thorup. It was very interesting and nice to meet you. We hope your travel will be good and we will follow you here at your blog. If you come to Odense, you should be very welcome at our home, Davinde Bygade 16, 5220 Odense SØ.
    Best regards from Gitte and Astrid

  3. margaret Cushen says:

    My first visit to your blog- I can hardly believe you have done so many miles in such a short time! The sun has at last arrived in Devon and we are enjoying real summer weather-just as the mango is about to start. Tango could be part of your musical travels??!!Take care Jenny lots of love Margaret

  4. Uwe says:

    Jenny, you are a star-already 1000 miles wouw!! Respect+congratulations!!Today the postman tried to squeeze your divine parcel trough the door slot–despite your warning. The result was I could’t resist ignoring the instructions and putting the slightly misshaped Kutter Kon right into my mouth. I didn’t die but went to heaven!! Greetings and lots of love Uwe. P.S. found Jenny on Facebook

  5. Janet says:

    Think of you often and love the narrative,you should be on Radio 4 s Excess Baggage or even your own show ! Might just look into that xx Love from all of us !!

    • jennyquick says:

      And last night was the first page!!! I love starting a new book/diary… all full of good intentions to be neat and tidy and then, well, o well, sometimes it is really neat, and others, it just isn’t!

  6. luigi vanini says:

    Greetings from Luigi. Congratulations on your bike trip , really incredible.
    “People who progress in life are those who are busy to find the circumstances they want and , if not found , create them . ”
    You are a wonderful person.

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