When music (for example, naturally, Beethoven) stretches human sensibility between the earthly and the heavenly something indescribable opens up in the space.
Something that is not always sufficiently tangible to translate into language.
Music as my language of choice means I often tussle to find expression.
Eli, with his profound hearing loss, listens with his heart and his intuition.
As a psychologist working with addiction and then chronic pain, his special gift of healing has been to listen and cherish.
I too have felt cherished and heard which has meant an unexpected sense of companionship as well as the enjoyment of others within our sturdy group.
We took a stroll together beside the river and the conversation flowed as easily as any music.
I like to imagine, as he does, that in the world of dreams and across the continents we will lovingly continue to meet.
Go well Eli.

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One Response to Dreams

  1. sheila says:

    How amazing communication is . Thanks for this blog really moving , we can be so united to others wherever we are .

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