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the ones I know and the ones I didn’t!

John Railton contd. .

I am on the train to Devon and to John’s funeral tomorrow. . full of so many memories over the last 44 years. . How lovely to see the video of his MBE celebration, along with those photos spanning a … Continue reading

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John Railton … a tribute

It is with great sadness that I heard yesterday that John had died. As a little girl of 11 I had relished his Festival Hall children’s concerts…. his charismatic presence at our school music festivals…. his immense energy at the … Continue reading

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Something Sicilian

I went back for a holiday with my friend Ruth and to see dear friends I had met last year, staying in Palermo, Selinunte, Catania, Noto and Cefalú. It was sunny, hailing, torrential raining and snowing! Temples, salt flats, scala … Continue reading

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I snuk back!

I have been away for 10 days back in beautiful Greece. Back in beautiful Sonnenlink to be precise. The something that drew me back so soon has so many strands, but before I put up a post that zooms out … Continue reading

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Appreciation of Good Things

Mole is sitting on my bed. There is a little place, no, 2 little places on his tummy, where the kapok is showing through the tight rows of knitting. Mrs. Farnworth showed me how to knit neatly in our craft … Continue reading

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Photo gallery 2

These are the ‘Denmark collection’! Row 1 goes, Grenen, (northernmost tip of Denmark), Totnes(river Dart), Champagne send off(28th june, 2011); Row 2, Wallies on Wheels (from Oz of course!) view from Fjältering across to Bovingbjerg Fyr, Sir G surveying the … Continue reading

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Photo gallery 1

This set is also from Denmark. It includes some of the exquisite flora, beach cafe piano, fishing boats, a cowscape (I had just taken a ferry for a very short water crossing between islands and the rain was about to … Continue reading

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